The original and best baby comfort blanket. 


Handmade in Herefordshire, UK to ensure top quality and satisfaction.


Join the 1000's of happy Snudgie babies worldwide!



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The Original Snudgie

The original and best baby comfort blanket. First made by my grandma in the 1950’s and still hand made in Herefordshire today!


A Snudgie can give your baby a cosy feeling of security and contentment, help them relax, sleep well, and travel happily. Safe, natural and so cuddly.  Join the 1000’s of happy Snudgie babies worldwide.


A Snudgie is the only comfort blanket made of pure white, BREATHABLE cellular cotton - no nasty synthetics.  Securely edged in silky satin – a fabric that babies just love to feel.


• TWO in a pack - 1 to cuddle, 1 to wash

• Pocket-sized 30cm square

• Replaceable if one gets lost

• Washable and hygienic

• Securely handmade and tested to

  strict British Safety Standards

• £15 including delivery


Featured in MOTHER & BABY magazine.


Only available on-line, direct from the cottage-based makers.


Choose from pink, yellow or blue - two in a pack, one to cuddle and one to wash.

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Founded in 1995

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